— purity, serenity and dreaminess are the terms that inspired me for this design concept. 

I wanted to create a penthouse that would suffice as a blank canvas for any art or design collector. Large white walls and lots of open space to give podium for art that deserves to be seen.

the layout of the apartment was dictated by the suns orbit during the day; windows facing east in the master bedroom so you can wake up with sunrise, windows facing south in the living room for the majority of the daylight and windows facing west in the master bathroom the enjoy the sunset while relaxing in a warm bathtub after a busy day.

The framework of this penthouse is based on modern monasteries. Simple shapes and lines are used so the architecture won’t claim too much attention, which contributes to “blank canvas” effect.

The Dinesen flooring is made of classic douglas planks expressed in random lengths, finished with lye and natural oil.

bla bla bla about the living room details and furniture and shit…

More information about the palette of the master bedroom.